4 Jan: #1 MacBridge Activity 1 - School Vision (I)

What you understand about our School Vision?
Identify 3 key words in the school vision to help you elaborate your understanding.

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  1. Globally: People from overseas

    Conected: Connect to the world to be known??

    Institution: Use the above two words to educate students

  2. I think it means that our instituition of science and technology must be known around the world and be known as a choice school which dives deeper for knowledge.

  3. Globally: People from all over the world

    Connected: Through internet, phone, emails, etc

    Science: Teaching science, improving the standard of Science and use Science to benefit the world.

  4. "Globally" And "Connected" have different meanings, but when put together, It means how we can use the advanced technology the world is using and improving to talk to other people in the world virtually, sharing everyone's opinion on a particular question.
    You can also use it to find information instead of finding it to book to book.
    Teng Zheng Jie

  5. Globally : internationally, all over the world

    Institution : higher level school

    Connected : interacted with others

  6. Connected: Having communication with people.

    Globally: All around the world

    Science and technology: Means of connecting and discovering

  7. globally:to reach people from all over the world
    connected:to be able to communicate with others
    institution:a higher standard school

  8. Globally as in the whole world? Connected to Ms Seah and the world? Institution: please refer to a dictionary.

  9. The three key words I picked are Globally, Connected and Technology.

    Globally: Other people from all over the world

    Connected: To keep in touch with others

    Technology: To use technology such as mobile phones to connect with others

  10. Globally connected institution:

    globally connected is to connect around the world with different people of race and religion. Institution refers to SST,School of Science And Technology.

  11. Globally~ people from all around the globe
    Connected~ connect through the internet...
    Instituition~ An instituition??? School???...

    ~Pei Shan

  12. Globally: People form everywhere from the wworld

    Connected: Being able to communicate with people around the world using technology

    Institution: A place where you seek more knowledge.

  13. Globally: People Around the world
    Connected:Via Travel and Learning Device
    Institution:A school good in a particular subject

  14. Connected-to make yourself known to others using online applications

    Globally-people overseas

    Institution-a place where they educate people

  15. Globally:Worldwide.

    Connected:Communicating and interacting with people worldwide.

    Institution:To better educate people using the two words above.

  16. The 3 keywords are Globally, connected and institution. Being globally connected means that you know about things happening in other countries, see other peoples blog... I can also see peoples thoughts on facebook, twitter, blurp, blog... Institution means like learning in a "advance" way, learning more things.

  17. Globally: People from around the world.

    Connected:Interacting with the world through skpe,msn,facebook and twitter.

    Institution:A place where we will the two words account.

  18. The three keywords are Globally, connected and institution.
    Being globally connected means being able to connect and chat with people all around the world either through a phone or any other electronics which allows you to chat with people around the world, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger or any other Web2.0 applications which allows you to post messages and share your thoughts with people around the world, allowing you to know what is happening around the world. The word, " Institution" is used as SST is more than just a ordinary Secondary school in Singapore. It is special and unique.

  19. Globally: People around the world

    Connect: To make known of yourself to the others

    Institution: A place where people learns

  20. I think that CONNECTED is one of the three keywords I can use to help me elaborate my understanding as when we are using the macbook for lesson we are already connecting to the world using the Internet.

    People from all around the world uses the internet so I think the word GLOBALLY is also one of the three keywords.

    I also think that the last keyword is INSTITUTION as we are
    CONNECTED to the internet that is used GLOBALLY to learn from it instead of the textbook.

  21. Globally, Connected and lastly, Institution. Globally to me is that we could contact or chat with the world wirelessly. Connected is mostly similar with globally. While, Institution is a place where we can learn different things that are interesting!

  22. Globally means:people all over the world from different countries.

    Institution means:A place to learn.

    Connected means:Related to.