4 Jan: #3 Bridge Building Activity - Debrief (I) Group Reflection

Based on our experience in the Bridge Building Activity...
As a team, let's reflect on the following:
  • How is the collaboration in your group?
  • What are the things that worked well in your group? Why?
  • What could have worked better? How?
  • What would the group do differently (in future group activities) to become better?

Working on one team member's computer, the team will discuss and post the following to the class blog (via email):

  1. Photos of your end-product (after the Bridge Building Activity).
  2. Description (type, mechanics, design) on the bridge that the team has built.
  3. The Team's collective response to the Group Reflection.
  4. Title of the Post: “Bridge Building Activity – Debrief: Name of Team
  5. Sign off with name of all team members.
  6. Email your work to: seah_yen_sin.2010s102@blogger.com
  7. The team’s post will be published in the class blog.