5 Jan: #3 MacBridge Activity 2 - Getting to know the Neighbourhood

You are going to the following places (checkpoints) in tomorrow's Amazing Race.

  • Blk 437 Opposite Clementi Bus interchange
  • Big Bookshop
  • Swimming Pool
  • SST Permanent Site
  • Clementi Police Divisional HQ

To help you identify the places and plan for your expedition, the teachers have taken photographs of these places, however, they are not labeled. Click HERE to see the photos.

Your Task

  1. You are going to work in teams of 4 to 5.
  2. Each team will attempt to map out at least 4 checkpoints (see below* for more details).
  3. Upon completion, the leader will email the link to the map seah_yen_sin.2010s102@blogger.com . The hyperlink will be posted to this blog.
  4. Put down your team members' names as the title of the mail so that we know who submitted the post.
  5. You may compare the maps by the various teams to agree on the actual location you will be visiting on the next day.

*As a team, you are going to collaborate by each contributing information to a common map.

  • Look at the Photos given and decide what-and-where are these places. There might be more than one photo for each location.
  • The group leader will create a map and share it out with the rest of the members. (You may refer to the "How-to Collaborate in Google Map" guide in the Student blog)
  • On the same map, each member will identify the exact location assigned.
  • He/She will tag the location with the photo(s) and the name of the place.
  • All members must contribute to tagging the map.