5 Jan: #4 MacBridge Activity 2 - Episodes of Induction @ SST

On Week 2 Friday (15 January 2010), the "Badge Ceremony" will be held to mark the end of the Secondary 1 Orientation. Your parents will be invited to attend the ceremony.

Every student is going to put together your 2 weeks of orientation experiences in a presentation (created with KeyNote) to share with your parents your experiences.

Discuss as a class...
  • What would you suggest what areas you could include in the presentation?
  • How are you going to organise your experiences?
  • Is there any specific "visual" requirements/elements that must be included in the presentation (e.g. video clips)?
  • Should the presentation be set to auto-run?

Planning & Designing a KeyNote Presentation

  • Good presentations start with strong ideas, creative writing and a thorough outline (of your ideas).
  • Think First, Design Next, then Present
  • Based your past experiences in creating presentations and blogs, what are some "Dos and Don'ts" that you would suggest to the class when designing a presentation with a good look-and-feel
  • Let's Plan!!!

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