6 Jan: #1 The Amazing Race - Debrief (I) Group Reflection

Based on your observations during the Amazing Race...

As a team, let's reflect on the following
As you walk around the Clementi neighbourhood,
  • What are some of your observations about the environment and people?
  • What were some opportunities you think SST to would able to contribute to the community?
  • How can we benefit from serving the community?
  • Which school value encourages us to learn beyond SST?
Submitting your work:
  • You are going to submit the team reflection to the class blog via email.
  • Your team reflection may include text, image(s) and/or videoclip(s).
  • Give your team a name and put it as the title of the email so that we know who submitted the post.
  • Send the email to seah_yen_sin.2010s102@blogger.com
  • Your work will be posted to this class blog.
  • If you upload a video clip, it may take a while for it to be ready for viewing.