6 jan amazing race debrief group reflection (Teng Zheng Jie)

Good things we observed today at the amazing race.
1.While we were walking back, Block 304,310 , we saw other youths help disabled people play simple games or help them to learn a hobby.We also saw an area fit for elders as when they get older, their bones won't be so strong, so they need the exercise to keep fit.  2. when Crackers fell to the ground, other members of the class helped to pick up.
  1. The whole class also worked as a team to get 2nd in an amazing race. 
  2. During the race, benz looked out for the classmates behind,and he also led us well.
  3. The whole class maintained "harmony" around the whole amazing race.
  4. we also had class unity,not to mention teamwork as well.
  5. Jia Sheng(classmate) also  cheered us on.He was very encouraging.
  6. IC's were 1 step ahead when doing head count too.
What we need to"improve on" quoted by Jia Sheng
1.Cheer: everyone joined in but it still was not loud enough
2.When Crossing the traffic light, we should not have left people behind
3.There was also no "Que..." in the cheer music...

  1. While we were walking back,we passed by Block 304 and 310, Elderly Home. Youths help disabled people play simple games or  learn a hobby. 
  2. SST can contribute to Community Clubs, Mosques, Churches, Disabled childcares,old folk's homes etc.
  3. SST can also send good condition food to some homes, or sing a song for the elderly.
  4. As some elders feel useless, SST can find something for them to do ,like  gardening. 
  5. we also feel we gained something as we did a good cause of helping others.
  6. Elders can also tell us  old stories, or teach us something that cannot be taught by other generations. We also now know how to take care of elderly.
  7. for the Child Care Benefits,We can gain the trust of the neighborhood gain trust for them
  8. We might respect the disabled more  after interacting with them.
  9. School Value :Expansion of knowledge from elderly that can't be found in a book.

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