The Amazing Race - Group Reflection

Good things that we observed: Before crossing overhead bridge, there's a training centre for the disabled, and we saw some workers playing some games with them, and doing some simple activities. We also saw an exercise corner suitable for the elderly. Mr Loh mentioned that when we grow old, our joints will not be so flexible, so we need these to keep us fit. When the crackers fell on the floor, others also helped to pick up. We worked as a team and managed to secure 2nd place. Our leaders led us well and brought us to the short-cut. No one was biased against difference in gender. The class was united, and we didn't have anyone wandering off or missing. Jia Sheng cheered us on at the back of the line and was very encouraging.

Areas of improvement: The cheer was done much better but could have done even better, and others could participate more. We did the cheer twice as it was not loud enough, and there was also no cue to cheer. We should also not leave people behind when crossing road.

How we can contribute to the community: On the journey, we realized there are many places like elderly homes, the mosque, schools, community centers, family help centers and child cares. We can go to the disable home to interact with them, send them things that are in good condition, food supplies, sing songs and play games with them.We can also engage elderly people in some work, such that they will feel more useful, by doing activities such as gardening, knitting and selling things. 

How we can benefit from serving the community: We will have more exposure to the community. We will also feel better because we are helping others, and the elderly might also tell us stories of the past, and we will have experience when taking care of our parents when they grow old. We will also get to know more about recreational stuff they can do, gain trust from them, and will also respect elderly and disabled more.

Which school value encourages us to learn things beyond SST: Expansion of knowledge from the elderly or disabled that is beyond SST

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