Class Cheers!

Dear students of Class S102,

Please post your suggestions for the class cheers here by clicking on the comments. Please post before 6pm today. We can have a few cheers during the camp.

Lets all make this a success!

Cheers! :)


  1. How about this:(1st verse)
    watch out! Watch out! We are here!
    Everybody must stay clear!
    Let Us shout! Let Us cheer!
    Victory, Victory's very near!

  2. 2nd verse..
    we are better than the rest. we shall not....take a rest
    lest we fall... and miss the best
    Watch out we'll win the race!
    Hipp hipp hooRay!

  3. hey thats a nice one^^ but why is it a race(2nd verse 2nd last line)? We finished the race already

  4. (leader will shout)Are you ready???

    (other people will reply)YES!!!

    (leader will shout)I cant hear you, Are you ready???

    (other people will reply)EVERREADY!!!
    1,2,1,2,3,4!(leader will shout)
    We will, we will, rock you, rock you,
    We will, we will, rock you, rock you,
    We will, we will, stamp you like a flat pancake,
    fight with us and fell the pain,
    (step, step) wulahlah (step, step) wulahlah
    (step, step) Yeah
    [(Than u could continue with Exontonium™'s cheer which is ultra nice and creative)i like ur cheer! Exontonium]

  5. eh cannot be offensive (TO darryl)

  6. what is Fight with us and fell the pain (darryl 3rd last line)

  7. Maybe verse 3 for Exontonium's cheer?
    Teamwork, Teamwork our class care,
    No difficulti-es we can`t bear,
    With determination we will forge ahead,
    And look for success up ahead.
    Watch out all the other class,
    As we will not fail on the grass ( campsite )
    We will blow you away like dust,
    so Watch out, we are better that the rest,
    S1-02 is the BEST !

    (I tried, but it is very hard to make all the last words of each line rhyme...... like Exontonium's one) (BTW. Exontonium your cheer is very nice!!! :D)

  8. Exontonium,
    I think Darryl meant
    " Fight with us and feel the pain" ?

  9. Thanks to all who say it was nice:D

  10. Exontonium™ 's one is nice actually..u guys are putting me in a spot by coming up with good cheers!i'll see what i can do but tell me the rhythm of the cheer tomorrow,ok?

  11. ok,i have no time to do anything for now but tomorrow in the bus we'll figure something out..i need everyone's cooperation if we're gonna make it happen and make it to the top!1-02 rocks!!!