S1-02 S&W Committee's announcement.

Dear S1-02,

S&W Committee's -


Everyone loves and excels in sport.

Roles and responsibilities:

1. Assist the S&W teacher in organizing and getting the equipment ready for lesson.

2. Act as the liaison person for the class on S&W matters.

3. Plan, coordinate and conduct sports related activities and events for the class and school.

4. Assure the role of committee members for their respective house.

5. Oversee the well-being of their classmates.

Events and activities:

30 April- Annual Track and Field Meet

May- SST Inter-House Sports Carnival 1

August- SST YOG Sports Challenge 

November- SST Inter-House Sports Carnival 2

YOG suggestions:

The Singapore Race-

The S&W team will set up different stations at different corners of SST labeled Esplanade, Suntec City, Sentosa…… The participants would have to answer a question at that station about that place in order to move on to the next station.

The first team to complete all the station wins.

S1-02's S&W committee is seeking class members to give input or comments for the committee to review or adopt.

Christopher Nah

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