Case Study - Shamemi,Benz,Lincoln and Teoh Yun

What would be some of the ways that Jane could begin to identify the needs within her community?
She should conduct a poll or survey with the community related to what are the needs they experience and help Jane improve the community with the $1000 grant. Another alternative is to organize a session with the community and let articulate their matters or needs with Jane and her team to understand more about the community and use the $1000 grant to help the social needs.

If you were Jane, how would you mobilize your club to work together toward finding a cause?
If I was Jane, I would tell my club specifically about what I thought previously and explain to them what caused all this and how we could improve on that.

What will Jane have to pay attention to throughout this process?
She will have to pay attention to what her group members have to say and take notes of them.

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