Our groups's C.E. Jane discussion


Jane walked out of the meeting feeling both excited and

overwhelmed. Her club had the opportunity to receive a

$1000 grant to be used specifically for social work in the

community. The only problem was that they needed to report

back at the next meeting with a strategic plan on how the

money would be spent and on what cause.

At the moment she had no idea.

If her club wasn't able to identify a valid need and a

course of action they would miss out on the grant.

Jane realized that her group had some work to do.


  • What would be some of the ways that Jane could begin to identify the needs within her community?
    She can go around the community and also try to follow some peoples to see the needs of that group of peoples. She can also do a public survey to find out their needs.
  • If you were Jane, how would you mobilize your club to work together toward finding a cause?

Priyanka would say, "Lets go eat pizza, especially hawaiian pizza.

Jaime would have alternate their shifts so that they can have time to rest.

Yi Lin, would do the same as Jaime. (She did not copy).

Christopher would call my friends through different platforms to do a meeting of what they think they should do to find the needs of the community. After finding the best idea that most peoples agree on, they would proceed to do that method and identify the needs of the community.

What will Jane have to pay attention to throughout this process?

Priyanka will pay attention to the "konichiwas" ask her team members how to pay attention, play money with them, confiscate their money and the team members' favorite pizza she would also slap their faces and say good night.

Jaime will pay attention to the results of the survey.

Christopher will pay attention to the surroundings so that their team will be able to spot more needs.

Yi lin will pay attention to their team members opinion.

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