Service LEarning Reflections

Through the first and second day,I have learn not only about the visually impaired person,I also learn from the activities that we have to work as a team to overcome the activities.At the hospital visit,I was amazed during my eye clinic visit when i saw the equipments and how they did the check ups and consultation.In the activities,we were given real life situations in games and were ask to do certain task.One of which we had to communicate,have preparation,not be self-centred and collaborate as a team.

Goh Jia Sheng 

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  1. I like your reflection and the activities that your team went through - to understand the elderly we need to empathy that is the ability to walk in their shoes. Certainly the 3 day is not sufficient to cover every aspects of Service Learning anyway it is a good start.

    keep up the good work and continue in this journey of self discovery.